How old do I need to be to take driver’s education?

15 years old and older

How many hours do I need to take?

It’s totally up to you and your ability to learn. There are no limits and there are not required hours before you go for the driving test! The more you drive with the school the more experience you get.

However, for the insurance discount you need to take 3 classes 2 hours each.

How long is each driving class?

Each class is 2 hours long.

What papers I need in order to start taking classes?

You MUST have a restricted license (driving permit) in order to start taking behind-the-wheel classes. Except the students with foreign valid drivers license

Do I have to use my parents car, or does the school provide one?

We provide the school car with dual breaking system

Can one of my parents sit on the back seat during the class?

No. It is not allowed. During the class there should be only 2 persons inside the car — the student and the instructor.

If you would like to track you child during the class, please let them take their cell phone into the car and you will be able to track their phone.

What type of shoes are preffered for the driving lesson?

We prefer our students to wear a anything but flip flop shoes.

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